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Conan covers by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola

Dark Horse unveils
surprise variant Conan covers
by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola

Comic Book News
By Patrick Luce
Jun 23, 2006,

In celebration of Mike Mignola’s special three issue Conan storyline, Dark Horse will be releasing three separate variant covers. In addition to the stunning covers drawn by artist Tony Harris, each issue will have one alternate cover drawn by Mignola himself.

Mignola’s short run on the title came about when editor Scott Allie was seeking out Busiek’s replacement. Mignola suggested a bizarre and haunting adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s “The Hall of the Dead.”

Pursued by a small army, Conan heads for shelter in the ancient ruins of a forgotten city, lured by a flimsy rumor of treasure. Instead, he finds the fallen idols of twisted gods and many croaking creatures. Artist Cary Nord joins Mignola for one of the weirdest tales ever dreamed up by Howard, taking Conan on an adventure far darker, and slimier, than he’s ever faced before.

On the subject of the covers themselves, editor Scott Allie had this to say, “Mike and I had wanted him to do covers on Conan, but I hadn't come up with the right series for him to cover. Then we arrived at the idea of him writing three issues of the monthly, but
Tony had just come on as permanent cover artist, so the cover gig wasn't on the table. After we'd solicited the first issue, someone said, Why not have Mike do covers anyway? So we did.”

Mignola commented, "When Scott approached me about writing for Conan, I thought “The Hall of the Dead” would give me a chance to do a Conan story my way, with my kind of storytelling. As it started to come together, I thought, why do Tony and Cary get to have all the fun? I love this character and this story, when do I get to draw Conan? It was about that time the phone rang, and Scott asked me how I would feel about doing covers."

After Mignola’s chilling adaptation of “The Hall of the Dead,” Tim Truman and Cary Nord pick up plot threads laid out by Busiek, Mignola, and Howard himself, building up to one of Howard’s most famous tales, “Rogues in the House.”

Check Dark Horse Comics and the Conan zone for more information from editor Scott Allie on what’s in store for the Conan books in 2006.


Conan, My favorite Hero

Conan is my favorite hero of all time.
Once I came across with Conan, none came even close to him. As far as I know there is no other character so colorful... so rich in character, with so much variety but with so much simplicity.
It is the Genius of Robert E. Howard and other successful writers who built on the strong base which he created seemingly so effortlessly.
To me he is as alive as someone who lives along with us.